Union County Youth Soccer Association


All players, coaches, and referees must be registered and in good standing with Oregon Youth Soccer Association.

The Summer Rec League and the Fall U10 league are recreational co-ed.

RULES OF THE GAME are the F.I.F.A. (international) laws of the game- available online, with the following local modifications:

U7 “Micro Soccer” Rules

Game Length: 10 minute quarters

Game times: 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday

Number of players: 3v3

Goal Size: 6 foot pop up goals

Ball size: #3

Field Size: 30 x 20 yards

Substitutions: At quarter break and for injuries

Note: a coach from each team will act as referees, and help guide play.

U9  Rules

Game Length – 10 minute quarters

Game times – 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday

Ball Size – #3

Team Size – 6 v 6 for scheduled recreational games (change from 2006)

Substitutions – at quarter breaks only or for injuries

Bunching – If the referee sees the players “bunching up” during a game (creating cramped play and a hazardous situation), the referee will stop play and re-start with a drop ball between two opposing players (with all remaining players spread out away from the spot of the drop ball).


-direct goalies in possession of the ball to carry it “to the 18”

-direct corner kicks (“leave the cone on the corner, place the ball 1 yard away”)

-direct goal kicks (from the 6, must leave the box, any defender may take)

-direct throw-ins (ball behind head, both feet not completely inside the line, both feet touch the ground)

Fall U10 League Conditions of Play

General rules apply

Number of Games: 8-10

Team Size: 6v6

Game Length: 30 minute halves

Ball Size: #4

Field Size: 50 x 40 yards

Teams shall establish technical areas on the same side of field, opposite from supporters and parents. Coaches are required to stay in their team technical area. (revised 10-2014)


BALL SIZE:  U11: #4 ball; U13 and up: #5 ball

TEAM SIZE: Minimum of 6v6, maximum of 9v9. Coaches must agree on the starting team size before the game starts (6, 7, 8, or 9 per side). Both teams must start with the same number of players. Team size may be changed later if needed. Less than six players present at game time constitute a forfeit, but not a cancellation of play! (Choose up sides and scrimmage- we have already reserved the field and a ref)

PLAYING TIME:  Coaches are encouraged to play every team member at least half of each game, and in multiple positions.

SUBSTITUTIONS:  Please limit subs to own throw-ins or goal kicks. Both sides may sub on kick offs.  Coaches are encouraged to rotate players through different positions as the season progresses.

GAME TIMES: U11 games start at 6:00 PM, Monday through Thursday. U13 and U16 games start at 7:00 PM Monday –Thursday.

GAME LENGTH: U11s play 12 minute quarters (try to finish by 7:00 PM). U13 and U16, play 30 minute halves.

NUMBER OF GAMES: Every team will be scheduled for twelve games in the recreational (summer) season. U7, U9, U11, and U13s play two games per week for six weeks – one home and one away. An “away” game might be on a team’s home field if two teams have the same home field. U16 teams play a total of ten games over a four week season. The total number of team events (games plus practices) should not exceed four per week, including the pre-season practices.

EQUIPMENT: Appropriate Shoes (no toe cleats, baseball cleats, or metal cleats) Shin Guards – required

Team Shirt – required (except the goalie’s shirt must be different from teammates’ shirts)

Game Balls – provided by the home team

Jewelry – should be removed (safety hazard)

Casts, limb braces and bandages – must be inspected by the ref


REC LEAGUE VS. SELECT PLAY: Summer recreational soccer is neither select soccer nor school varsity soccer. A wide variety of experience and ability are found on each team. SLIDE TACKLES ARE NOT PERMITTED.  Other aggressive play may be judged by the referee to be inappropriate.

CHARGING THE GOALKEEPER:  No player may make physical contact with the goalkeeper, or attempt to play the ball when the keeper has possession, or control of the ball, or has it trapped in any way, within the penalty area.

GOALKEEPER RULES: Keepers have six seconds to put the ball into play (no limit on steps). Keepers receiving a foot pass or throw-in for a teammate may not use hands on the ball. Penalty for any of the above: indirect free kick.

CONTACT BETWEEN PLAYERS: Fair charges are allowed. Sudden, aggressive bumping is not. No pushing. No grabbing.

HAND BALL: Not penalized unless the ref judges it to be intentional.

FREE KICKS: (Awarded by the referee)

INDIRECT FREE KICK: for lesser (usually non-contact) fouls

DIRECT FREE KICK: for greater (usually contact) fouls

The direct free kick can score a goal directly (without touching anyone). The indirect free kick must touch someone else (on either team) before entering the goal in order to score. A penalty kick is direct kick. Penalty kicks will be very rare in U9 games.

OFFSIDES: This rule is intended to eliminate unfair advantage. A player behind the ball or with two opponents between him/her and the goal is not offside. Mainly, the idea is to keep players form “camping out” in front of the goal.

THROW-INS: Taken with both feet touching (or outside) the “Touch Line”, and with both hands. Refs might allow repeat attempts for U7’s and U9s in the first half.

LEAGUE PHILOSOPHY: “It is the objective of UCYSA to create fun for children and youth by promoting sportsmanship and a sense of fair play within the framework of a team sport and develop an interest in and a working knowledge of soccer.” (UCYSA By-Laws) Please keep in mind that this is a recreational league. Blowouts are to be limited as creatively as possible. Every individual player is to be encouraged. When one team gets a large lead of five goals, some action should be taken by the coach and the ref, for instance rotating front players to the back line or having a “designated scorer”.

SUMMER REC TEAM TECHNICAL AREAS: Teams may establish technical areas on either side of the field. (Revised 9/2014)

PARENTS & SPECTATORS: Please note that no one is to stand behind the goal lines during the game. Please allow a three yard “cushion” outside the field lines for the line judges to run (and as a safety zone). Also try to set a good example for the young players.

COACHES: Take all your players’ registration forms to every practice and game, since they include signed permission for transportation in case of emergency. Players must be registered to play or practice, so that they will be protected by Oregon Youth Soccer secondary insurance. Coaches are encouraged to bring a first aid kit and ball pump to games and practices. As courtesy to the opposing coach, please keep your players and their parents on the opposite side of the field from the other team. Some problems cannot be handled at the field. Please note them on game reports and contact the head coach or head ref as necessary.

REFEREES:   Make rulings as needed during the game.  Teach the rules.  Withhold minor penalties if stoppage creates unfair advantage (“ the Advantage Rule”).  Warn players for misconduct and report it on game reports.  Stop games for injuries.  Suspend games for lightening (restarts possible after a time)

LINE JUDGES: Two volunteers are needed for each game to signal when the ball crosses any outside boundary of the field, and inform the ref of substitutions. Sometimes the referee may overrule a line judges’ call.

GAME CANCELLATION: The most common reasons for canceling games are lightening and extreme heat or smoky air. Soccer is played in the rain. Just come prepared. If a game must be cancelled, please notify the head coach and the head ref in advance.